Take Diabetes Queensland's New Food Resolution Challenge

Take Diabetes Queensland's New Food Resolution Challenge


Resolutions are as much a part of New Year's celebrations as countdowns and fireworks but the reality is that while almost half of us will commit to a New Year's resolution, less than ten per cent will actually stick to their resolution by the end of the year. We know most people fail at their resolutions because they set themselves a challenge that is either unrealistic or just not that much fun!

To help you out the team at Diabetes Queensland have come up with one great resolution and you don't have to give up anything. In fact, we are challenging you to eat more!

Yes, you read correctly, Diabetes Queensland's new food resolution challenges you to try one new healthy food every fortnight for a year. 


Why a new food resolution?

At HealthyU we encourage you to enjoy a wide variety of foods every day. We all know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut eating the same meals and snacks week in, week out. Let's face it, this can be pretty boring and it can lead to splurging on treats that are high in fats and sugar and low on nutritional value. 

By eating a variety of foods you can ward off food boredom and be confident your body is getting all the nutrients you need to be as healthy as you possibly can. 


How it works

It is simple - try a new healthy food once every two weeks. A great way to start is to pick a food group and find a food from that group that you have never tried before. So if you pick fruit for January pay a visit to the local fruit and vegetable shop to pick a new fruit to try. Don't be afraid to ask the green grocer about what is in season and the best way to enjoy it. 

New recipes will help you make the most of your new food resolution so get prepared. The Diabetes Queensland website is a good place to start. Like us on facebook   and take advantage of the delicious recipes we post on "Tasty Tuesdays." There are other great sites like Shape Up   that are full of delicious, healthy recipes. 

Share your new food stories

We would love to hear about the new foods you have tried. You can share you successes (and your failures) with us by email  or on our   facebook page.    

Good luck!