Lose 6kgs this year

The road to weight loss doesn't have to be a big challenge, small changes every day can make a huge difference. Each of these food swaps will save you 600kJ per day. Keep just one of them up for a month and you will lose 1/2kg of body fat. Keep it up all year and you will lose 6kg! Evidence has shown that a weight loss of around 5kg can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23 per cent, so get started today.


1. Ditch the butter on your bread. If you resist the temptation to add butter or margarine to your toast and sandwiches each day you will save around 620kJ every day. Just don't be tempted to add a different spread to replace the butter!


2. Swap full cream milk for reduced fat milk. Save 400kJ per day by swapping 2 cups of full cream milk each day for reduced fat milk. If you go for skim milk you will save 690kJ!


3. Downsize your chocolate treats. Choose a fun size chocolate bar over a full size bar and save 610kJ.


4. Choose thin and crispy instead of pan base pizza and save 642kJ if you enjoy three slices.


5. Save around 600kJ every time you choose a glass of sparkling mineral water over an alcoholic drink or soft drink.


6. Swap two Tim Tams with your coffee for two TV Snacks chocolate coated biscuits and save 610kJ.


7. Save a whopping 805kJ when you swap a bucket of deep fried chips for home baked frozen chips.


8. Reduce the serve size of your steak by 100g and remove all visible fat before cooking and save yourself 783kJ. Fill up the rest of your plate with vegetables to keep you satisfied.


9. Swap a packet of chips for 10 rice crackers and save 752kJ.


10. Save 476kJ when you choose skinless roast chicken breast over the drumstick with skin on.


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