Health and fitness apps

Could your mobile phone be your secret weapon on your journey to a healthier U? There are loads of health and fitness apps available that may provide the extra support and motivation you need. Below, our DQ fitness fans share their favourite FREE health and fitness apps with Healthy U readers.


Shape Up iPhone App

The Shape Up app is designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy with easy to follow, tasty meal plans based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Simply download the app and set up a profile to access 12 weeks of daily meal plans and healthy recipes tailored to your needs.


My Fitness Pal

This is a great all in one app and is especially useful if you have a weight loss goal. You just have to set your goal weight and how quickly you hope to shed the kilos and MyFitnessPal will work out how many calories you need eat per day. You can then use the app to record your food intake and exercise, and monitor your progress. The app has a huge database of Australian foods and you can also enter and save your own recipes.



This app is a saviour when it comes to trying to understand nutrition panels in the supermarket. With the Food Switch app you simply scan a food's barcode and it will give you an easy to understand summary of the nutritional value of the food.  Plus, it gives you a list of similar food products that are healthier choices making healthy shopping a breeze.


Map my run/walk

This handy app uses your phone's GPS and measures not only how far you have walked or run in any one session but it also measures how many calories you have burnt, your speed, even the elevation of your walk. You can also easily upload your sessions to the mapmywalk website and track your improvement.