Get moving this Christmas

Need a little motivation to get active this Christmas? We have crunched the numbers and worked out how much exercise is needed to burn off the kilojoules in some of your favourite Christmas treats. Warning:   the information below may shock you!


1 bottle champagne = 2 hours of brisk walking


1 mince pie = 52 minutes of brisk walking


1 slice of Christmas pudding with custard = 77 minutes of brisk walking


100g packet of chips = 1hr 45 minutes of brisk walking


1 candy cane = 9 minutes of brisk walking


Christmas is a great time to get active with your family and friends, and burn off those extra Christmas kilojoules with a game of backyard cricket.
If cricket isn't for you, try soccer, touch football, basketball, a game of Twister or lawn bowls. The options are endless.