Five ways to stay motivated

When it's cold (and dark) outside, motivation to exercise is hard to find and being rugged up on the couch seems like a much better option.  But cold weather doesn't have to put a freeze on your physical activity routine.  Diabetes Queensland exercise expert, exercise physiologist Kathryn Kirchner shares her tips on staying motivated in the winter months.


  1. Set a goal - do you have a fun run or a cycle challenge that is fast approaching? Write it on your calendar and set clear realistic goals leading up to the main event.
  2. Find a workout buddy - it's tough to skip that morning walk when you know your friend is waiting for you. Don't be 'that' friend who doesn't show up!
  3. Change your perspective - shift your thinking from 'I couldn't be bothered' to 'this is going to help me reach my health and fitness goals'.
  4. Have fun - change your everyday routine.  Regularly change the scenery of your work out or try a new sport or activity.  It can work wonders.  
  5. Go public - tell your friends, family and colleagues of your plans for great motivation to follow through.