Five exercise lessons we could learn from our childhood

When we were children there was no such thing as a gym, or personal training sessions - let alone a diet! As a child we didn't have to set aside half-an-hour every day for exercise, we just played! So when did we get too busy to play?


Most of us were a lot more active as children than we are now, so perhaps the way to better health is acting like a kid again? Here are five tips from our childhood that could teach us to live a healthy lifestyle.


1. It's not exercising, it's just having fun!


As a child did you ever walk out the door calling out to mum "I'll be back before dark mum, I'm just going to do some exercise." Of course not! You went outside and you played. It didn't even enter your mind that you were doing exercise, you were just having fun. Being active was a natural part of your day.


2. Forget about what you look like


As kids we never worried if we looked silly while we were getting active. We dressed in daggy clothes, we had old shoes, our hair was a mess and we didn't care. We didn't worry if we had the best outfit or if we were wearing the right shoes, we just got out there!


More importantly, we didn't care if we looked a little uncoordinated or a little crazy. We fell off monkey bars, we did messy cartwheels, wonky handstands and sometimes we simply spun around in circles until we fell over. We weren't worried if other people thought we looked a little clumsy, or weren't doing it quite right, we just got in there and had a go.


3. If you want to go somewhere, walk or ride there


As a child, we didn't have that big shiny car to transport us wherever we wanted to go whenever we liked. We got on our bike or we walked. We walked to the shop, to the park and to our friend's house. It didn't matter if it was hot or cold or if it was raining, if we wanted to go somewhere we had to walk or ride there. And we survived.


4. Join a team


When we were young we played more team sports, we had scheduled training sessions and games where other people were relying on us to be there. We turned up to every training session and every game and we played our hearts out because we were part of a team and our team needed us.


5. Exercise with other people


Kids exercise in groups. If we wanted to play we bugged our friends and family to play with us and if that failed we played with dog. Exercising is so much more fun when you do it with someone else!