Feed your tummy and your brain

Did you know your brain is like a muscle that needs regular exercise? The good news is, exercising your brain is simpler than you might think. When you experience something new you actually stimulate your brain, improving brain function and creating new neural pathways.  So every time you try a new hobby, start a new exercise regime or even listen to a different type of music you're exercising your brain.


However, brain strength, like muscular strength, requires you to 'use it' otherwise you risk 'losing it'. One great way to include more brain exercise into your weekly routine and learn something new in the process, is to try new recipes or foods each week.


How often do we simply eat the same things for dinner each week? Monday = Chicken and salad, Tuesday = tacos, it's easy to slip into a routine and stop challenging ourselves.  Our body becomes accustomed to eating standard meals and our brain gets bored preparing the same thing each week.


So, why not look for recipes with different cooking methods or ingredients to keep things fresh? Have you heard of fish en papillote? Or have you ever cooked something sous vide? Maybe you've never made your own pasta or steak sauce before. Teaching yourself a new recipe is not only beneficial for your tummy, but it's like teaching your brain a new trick.


Here at Diabetes Queensland we want to challenge you to start the New Year a fresh and keep your brain active and healthy by encouraging you to try a new recipe each week.


To help you out, we have a range of delicious healthy recipes including mains, sides, dessert, breakfast and snacks with gluten free and vegetarian options also available.  Visit our recipe library here for some inspiration today.


So, what's on the menu for dinner tonight?