Exercise to a stronger mind

Think you're a little forgetful - why not add a bit of exercise to your day?

It seems there is almost nothing exercise can't fix.  It helps maintain weight, reduce risk of disease, boost mood and energy and now we can add 'improving memory' to the list.

Diabetes Queensland accredited exercise physiologist Kathryn Kirchner said there was now considerable evidence that regular exercise can improve your memory.

"Regular exercise increases blood flow to the brain and helps improve the function of areas of the brain responsible for memory," she said.

 And it doesn't stop there - not only does exercise increase the size of your muscles, it can literally increase the size of your brain.

"Regular exercise can increase the size of your brain by up to two per cent per year," Ms Kirchner said.

"It increases efficiency of the brain and greatly reduces the risk of dementia as we age." 


Kathryn Kirchner's top tips:


  • Exercise with others and get outside.  Not only will you be more likely to stick to your exercise plans but the added stimulation of conversation and your environment will help boost your memory.
  • Try and exercise at least five days per week - or every day.  Research shows improvements to cognitive (thinking) function after six months of regular exercise.
  • Add strength building to your routine.  But don't get the dumbbells out just yet, why not start with this great strength building program.