Drink flavoured milk? Think again

Chocolate _milk


New research shows people who drink flavoured milk have a heightened risk of type 2 diabetes, regardless of their body weight.


The good news is, by swapping just one flavoured milk drink each day for water, you can lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by up to an amazing 25 per cent.


Flavoured milk drinks include flavoured milks, iced coffees, milkshakes, thickshakes and smoothies. The milk in these beverages does provide important nutrients like protein, calcium and other nutrients, however the extra sugar in flavoured milk adds up.


Our dietitian Liz Harburg says that this is a good a reminder to look at what you're drinking and to be aware of how much these drinks add to your total sugar and kilojoule intake.


"Portion sizes of flavoured milk drinks also play a key role - most flavoured milks and shakes are at least half a litre, often more. Your average thickshake has around 2000kj, that's a meal in itself, but we often drink them with our meals, effectively doubling our kilojoule intake," Liz says.


The study found the more sweetened milk people consumed, the higher their risk of developing type 2 diabetes - for every extra daily serving, the risk of diabetes rose by about 22 per cent.


Limiting your intake of flavoured milk drinks is a simple step you can take to cut your type 2 diabetes risk. Try replacing these drinks with water or plain milk or make your own smoothies at home using milk and fresh fruit.