‘Do it for the right reasons, not for anyone else’

Danial Beinke of Goodna is one of our Healthy U readers who contacted Diabetes Queensland after completing the type 2 diabetes risk assessment tool (AUSDRISK). Danial wanted to share his journey on how he's been working to reduce his risk through healthy lifestyle changes. Here is Danial's inspirational story…


Learn from Danial how good life can be.




Danial Beinke is a rare expert in the construction of genuine Chesterfield furniture, but it was a mid-life health crisis that changed Danial's lifestyle and transformed the output and profitability of his Brisbane furniture business.


"It was March 20, 2013. I was 126 kg with a degenerative hip condition, premature arthritis and the muscle in my shoulder was badly deteriorated," Danial says. "The doctor was talking about getting me a mobility scooter. He said I could have a hip replacement, but I'd end up in a wheelchair."


"That was it. It was the trigger within me," he says. "I was only 44, but if I did not change, I would not be here much longer."


At that time, Danial had to admit he lavished more care and attention on his furniture than on his diet and exercise.


"I was drinking 10 vanilla cokes or three 750ML bottles of ice coffee every day," he says. "At times, it was up to three litres of this fatty, sugary milk. Then there was the food; too much fat, potatoes and rice and no fibre. I was constipated, but I was eating like a horse." 


The new Danial has discovered portion control. "I have nothing processed at all," he says.I am off the milk and dairy and get what I need from spinach and other fresh vegetables. I keep my metabolism fired up, but most meals are no more than 100 grams of chicken and 120 grams of vegetables."*


After two weeks, Danial's new diet had his digestive system back on track. After two years, he is down as low as 88kg. His body fat is down from 36 percent to 14 percent and Danial aims to reduce it further.


On day one, a short walk three doors away had Danial puffed. Today, it's seven or eight kilometres in an hour. "My heart rate used to max out at 180 or 190 beats a minute," he says. "Now, after a walk, it goes no higher than 110."


Danial also gave up alcohol, apart from a couple of small glasses of Midori and lemonade last Christmas. "In the past, I'd keep light beer in an esky and often, I'd crack the first at work, mid-morning," he says.


Diabetes Queensland says Danial's radical change of direction will help reduce his risk of type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions, like heart and kidney disease, stroke and asthma.


Today, more than one million Queenslanders are overweight or obese and face increased risk of disease as a result. About 200,000 are diagnosed with diabetes, but another 93,000 (that's the population of Bundaberg and Gympie combined) have type 2 diabetes and don't even know it.


Danial has turned off his sleep apnoea machine, cancelled his hip replacement and stopped taking medication for pain.


"I feel as healthy today as I was in my 20s, when I played competitive roller-hockey and American grid-iron," he says.


For more information or support on how to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes call Diabetes Queensland 1300 136 588 and speak to one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians, Nutritionists or Accredited Exercise Physiologists. 


*Diabetes Queensland recommends following the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Speak to your GP or Accredited Practising Dietitian for individualised dietary advice to help you achieve your health goals.