Healthy Living

Preventing type 2 diabetes is important. Prevention is about being healthier. It does not need to be a burden or involve taking drastic measures.

  • Healthy Eating

    Healthy Eating

    Healthy eating is all about enjoying a variety of foods from each of the five food groups: vegetables and legumes/beans fruit grain foods such as breads, cereals, rice and pasta lean meat, fish, poultry and nuts milk yoghurt and cheese or alternatives   The...

  • Keeping Active

    Keeping Active

    Being physically active every day is important for people of all ages. Being active can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and helps to prevent chronic disease. It also helps you to relieve stress, sleep better and gives you the chance to interact with your family and friends and...

  • Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    Following a long-term, balanced eating plan and engaging in regular physical activity are great ways to manage your weight.   It's not just the scales that reflect your weight - it is also the size of your waist. Health professionals recommend men keep their waist below 94cm and...

  • Useful Information

    For more information about health services in your region contact Queensland Health:   A number of health promotion campaigns are run through out Queensland:   Healthier Queensland Smart Choices Strategy - Healthy Food &...