Position Statements

A new language for diabetes

Health professionals and media are being urged to be more sensitive in the way they talk about diabetes. A new position statement 'A new language for diabetes' encourages others to consider the effect of their language on the way people with diabetes think, feel and act. Research shows people with diabetes have higher levels of emotional distress and this distress can last a lifetime. For example, calling diabetes a 'disease' and describing people as 'sufferers' is harmful and inaccurate. Words can empower or disempower someone very easily.


Bariatric Surgery

Approximately 25  per cent of Australian adults are obese. Based on current population trends, this will continue to increase in the future. Bariatric surgery is increasingly recommended as a treatment for obesity and for people with obesity-related medical conditions. Position statement 'Bariatric Surgery' is for people with type 2 diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes to help them make decisions about bariatric surgery.