Health professional resources

We have a range of information resources available to assist health professionals  in supporting people with, and at risk of, diabetes.


If you would like to order resources, please download a copy of the resource order form and return to Diabetes Queensland. 

Ordering resources

  • Position Statements

    A new language for diabetes Health professionals and media are being urged to be more sensitive in the way they talk about diabetes. A new position statement 'A new language for diabetes' encourages others to consider the effect of their language on the way people with diabetes...

  • Guidelines

    The following section provides best-practice guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes that have been developed for health professionals by medical experts and researchers.   ADIPS Consensus Guidelines for the Testing and Diagnosis of GDM in...

  • Reports

    MILES  The 2011 Management and Impact for Long-term Empowerment and Success (MILES) is available online.   Insulin pump use in Australia  This report examines the use of insulin pumps by people with type 1 diabetes. It represents the most up-to-date...

  • Research

    Foot ulceration double mortality risk Diabetic foot ulceration was associated with a nearly two-fold increased risk for mortality above diabetes alone, according to a meta-analysis of eight studies between 1996 and 2011. The details are available...

  • Journal Articles

    To snack or not to snack The study examines whether there is adequate scientific evidence available to support the manipulation of eating frequently for improving body weight and diabetes. Due to copyright reasons, Diabetes Queensland is unable to provide the article. It is available...

  • Fact Sheets

    The NDSS and Diabetes Australia have developed fact sheets, covering topics from diabetes, diabetes and other health issues, healthy eating and GI, information for support persons and type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents.   The following fact sheets are available to download...

  • Resources

    Diabetes and Driving It is a privilege to drive a motor vehicle and with it comes major personal and legal responsibilities and liabilities. The National Diabetes Services Scheme 'Diabetes and Driving' provides advice on the extra precautions needed to be taken to help maximise road...