Translational Diabetes Research

Diabetes Queensland is committed to supporting local translational diabetes research that informs and investigates:


  • Affordable prevention of type 2 diabetes in the community
  • Interventions to improve diabetes self-management
  • Health care delivery changes that improve diabetes outcomes
  • Health care system changes that improve diabetes outcomes
  • Targeting interventions high-risk populations.


In particular, our priorities for Translational Diabetes Research are:


  • Areas where the lack of evidence is restricting the evaluation, design or implementation of diabetes prevention or management programs
  • Areas that will support advocacy for policy or funding changes (of benefit to people with diabetes)
  • Areas with 'real world' applicability i.e. be able to be used within normal systems, settings and resourcing
  • Areas that consider populations that are at risk or hard-to-reach.


Diabetes Queensland PhD Scholarship

Diabetes Queensland invites applications from individuals towards a PhD scholarship in support of translational diabetes research projects.


You can download the appropriate forms from the right hand panel above. 


Applications are now closed.


Please direct any enquiries to