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    Diabetes Queensland values the services that health professionals provide to people with diabetes.  Our aim is to support you in your key role as a provider of information, education, motivation and...Read more

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    Supporting more than 200,000 registrants and 33,000 financial members in Queensland, Diabetes Queensland works hard to improve the lives of people affected by all types of diabetes by providing ongoing education, support and...Read more

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    Your support is vital to our mission.  The financial assistance of the health sector provide gives us the means to better support people with diabetes and achieve positive outcomes.   Diabetes...Read more

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    We have a range of information resources available to assist health professionals  in supporting people with, and at risk of, diabetes.   If you would like to order resources, please download a copy of the...Read more

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      We're building something new   Our Health Professional member area is currently closed for renovation. We apologise for any inconvenience.   We are working on bringing you a new member area. In...Read more