Tackle isolation for children living with diabetes

Perhaps more than anyone else, children living with type 1 diabetes need good friendships to deal with the stress they face every day.

Since last October, Jack has been living with type 1 diabetes. Every day he has to endure blood glucose testing and insulin injections to keep him alive. His mum Sarah said,

“Jack’s blood sugar levels were so high the doctors were surprised he was not unconscious and his organs hadn’t started shutting down.”
“He was petrified. I felt so helpless and I couldn’t stop crying.”

Fortunately, Jack and Sarah now know that they are not alone, because they attended a DiaBuddies Day. Each day is crammed with fun and opportunities to connect with other children and families. Health professionals like diabetes educators and dietitians are also on hand.

We can only continue to hold DiaBuddies Days with kind donations from people like you.

“It was amazing that people donated and helped my little boy feel wonderful for the day,” she says.

Diabetes NSW & ACT is at the forefront of tackling isolation, advocating, lobbying and caring for people living with diabetes. Please donate now to help us to continue delivering this vital assistance, including DiaBuddies Days.

““It was the first time since diabetes came into our lives that I saw him genuinely smile, just laughing with other kids. He just looked so happy. All the kids were getting out their pumps. He got to talk to them and realise, hey, they thought diabetes was pretty sucky too, but they were all okay.””

- Jack’s mum, Sarah
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