How your donations help

Thanks to your generosity, we can help people living with, or at risk of developing diabetes.  

When you make a donation of any size to Diabetes Queensland you are helping to provide positive support to people living with diabetes through innovative programs and events, challenging public perceptions and funding research. 

Support programs & events

DiaBuddies Days are events for children aged 0–14 years living with type 1 diabetes, their families, friends and carers. These events provide a fun, safe environment and valuable family time for those who have been recently diagnosed. 

DiaBuddies Days let children and parents know they are not alone. The children get to meet others and make friends in a fun, relaxed environment. This helps lift their confidence as they learn to positively self-manage their diabetes. DiaBuddies Days also give families an opportunity to meet others in the same situation. 

“I haven’t seen our children smile and laugh as much as they did today. For those three hours we certainly forgot about type 1 for a while.”

Kirsty ~ mother of Molly aged 9 who lives with type 1 diabetes 

Challenging public perceptions

Addressing misconceptions about diabetes and spreading the word about the serious and life-threatening health issues that can develop is an important part of the work we do. For every two people who are diagnosed it’s estimated another person is living with diabetes but doesn’t know it. Delays in diagnosis are puttinmany thousands of Australians at risk of serious complications like blindness, amputation, kidney damage and heart disease every year. 

That’s why each year we invest in major campaigns to bust myths and raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of diabetes to build more accurate knowledge of diabetes within the community. 

“I knew something was wrong and the experts would only tell me to eat well and exercise, but no matter what I tried I kept gaining weight. The symptoms went on for seven long, hard years and I despaired of ever getting my health back. When my GP finally told me I had type 2 diabetes, I felt shock and anger that I’d been left to suffer all that time, without the help and treatment but also relieved that now I would be getting the help I needed.”

Yvonne Appleby – living with type 2 diabetes 

As well as providing crucial support that can make a real difference every day, your donations help to fund vital education, prevention and awareness programs.  

Donate today and help make life easier for people living with diabetes. 

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