Gifts in Honour

A gift in memory of a loved one

Honour the memory of a loved one with a donation in lieu of flowers, or celebrate a special life milestone by making a donation in place of giving gifts. 

Giving a donation In Memoriam is a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved family member, friend, neighbour or colleague. Families can take comfort in the knowledge that their loved one is being remembered for a life well lived, while contributing to Diabetes Queensland so that others can live a better life. 

An In Celebration donation to Diabetes Queensland is a way to honour friends and family on their special day by contributing to a cause that will help make a difference to many lives. 

How to arrange a Gift in Honour

By offering family and friends the opportunity to make a donation to Diabetes Queensland in lieu of flowers at a funeral or in lieu of gifts at a celebration, you’ll support fund vital research into better treatments and a possible cure, while also helping people to live well with diabetes. 

Donation Envelopes

In Celebration 

Donations can be gifted to Diabetes Queensland in lieu of birthday, wedding, anniversary or other celebratory occasions. Contact Us for more information.  

In Memoriam 

When requesting a gift in memory, you may want to instruct the funeral home to mention the family’s wish for a gift to Diabetes Queensland in lieu of flowers in the memorial notice. Specially designed In Memoriam envelopes are available upon request. Simply contact our fundraising team to arrange delivery and discuss any other requirements. 

We will send a letter and receipt to each person who donates and provides their contact details, with their ‘in memory’ donation. The family of the deceased will be sent a condolence card acknowledging those having donated in memory of their loved one. 

To order In Memoriam donation envelopes 

Please contact our fundraising team at or call us on 1800 177 055 if you would like specially designed donation envelopes to give to your family and friends at your gathering. You can easily return donations to us using the included reply-paid envelope. 

Make a donation in honour

You can make a memorial or celebratory donation over the phone by calling 1800 177 055, or you can donate online. Please remember to include the name of the individual or couple who is being honoured. 

If you would like further information about ‘in memory’ or ‘in celebration’ donations, please contact our fundraising team on 1800 177 055 or at  

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