In Memory of someone you love

A gift in honour

A donation in lieu of flowers is a special way to honour the life of a loved one and keep their memory alive.

Families and friends can take comfort in the knowledge that the life of their loved ones is well remembered, while contributing to help others live a life free of the complications of diabetes.

‘In memorium’ gifts help provide life-changing services to people living with diabetes including advocacy, education, and psychological care. They also support world class research into better diabetes treatments and a possible future cure, creating hope for generations to come.

Giving a Gift In Honour

Because every family is different, Diabetes Queensland offers three ways you can pay tribute to a loved one. You may choose one or all of the following:

    • Create a tribute page – Honour your loved one by inviting friends, family and the community to make an online donation. This can be done by creating a personal ‘Tribute Page’ that includes a photo and dedication to your loved one. Those who wish to give can do so securely via a unique link and leave a heartfelt message.
    • Give a direct donation – Celebrate the life of a loved one and give an in-memory donation online. Your gift will be sent directly to Diabetes Queensland. Simply visit our In Memory donation page and follow the prompts.
    • Direct giving via a QR code – When the day comes to say goodbye, you can add a QR code to your loved one’s service program. This code will take guests directly to a donation form on the Diabetes Queensland website where they can make a gift in their own time. Download PNG file or Download PDF file.


Create a tribute page in honour of your loved one

A candle in memory of a loved one

Select the button below to create a special tribute page to your loved one. Keep their memory alive by allowing others to make a donation in their honour.


Create a tribute page

Give a direct donation

Forget-me-not flowers in memory of someone special

Donating in memory of a loved one will support life-saving programs and services for people living with diabetes. Click below to make your in-memory donation.


Give an In-Memory donation

Direct giving via a QR code

Right click on the image below and save this image. Provide it to the funeral home so they can add it to the service book, giving guests a special and unique to way donate in memory of your loved one.

QR code that links to In Memory donation page