DiaBuddies Online: Children's Session


This event is for children aged 5-15 years with type 1 diabetes, we encourage siblings to join in too. 

Science of the Deep Blue! with Fizzics Education

Dive into the science of the sea as we explore the physical factors that determine life underwater and along our coastlines. Learn about what drives ocean acidification and its effect on coral and more!

  • How does heat and salt drive our ocean currents?

  • How does pressure change underwater and what does this mean for marine life as well as scuba divers?

  • How do whales and dolphins use echolocation to locate prey?

If you want to have go at the dancing sultanas experiment ensure you have the below list of materials ready for the session:

  • A clear cup or glass
  • Sultanas (or some other small dried fruit, at least 6)
  • A clear fizzy drink (e.g. lemonade or carbonated mineral water)

Event Details

Type 1 diabetes, Children and young adults Wednesday, 22 September 2021 02:30 PM - 03:30 PM FREE

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