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How do I tell people about my diabetes

Talking about diabetes  

Learning to talk about diabetes may be tough.


We know that talking about your diabetes can be really useful, so you can tell your friends and family how they can help.


Try talking with your parents first about what you might say to your friends and teachers to help them understand the things you have to consider every day. 




Talking cards  

For help learning to talk about diabetes, hypos, food or injections, try our type 1 diabetes palm cards


You can print these talking cards and ask a parent or teacher to help you cut them into palm cards. Fill them out and keep them with you so you can practice talking about diabetes whenever you feel comfortable.  

If you're felling unwell, you can also use the cards to let people know how you are feeling, or what you need, without having to talk. 


Download talking cards 




No doubt you still have lots of questions about diabetes.


Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page or talk to your parents if something doesn't make sense.