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Frequently asked questions


Q: Why do I have diabetes?


A: Some people have diabetes and some people don't. Some people are born with genes that might make them more likely to get type 1 diabetes. It's just part of what makes you 'You', just like having brown hair or green eyes. It is just one thing about you, but you have other things about you that are important too. 


Q: Can you catch diabetes from someone?


A: You can't catch diabetes from anyone like a cold or flu. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the cells that make insulin in the pancreas are damaged and the pancreas can no longer make insulin. 


Q: What do I tell my school friends about diabetes?


A: You don't have to talk to your classmates about diabetes if you don't want to, but if they ask, it sometimes helps to know what to say. Try talking with your parents first about what you might say to other kids at school to help them understand diabetes. 



Q: Why do I need to monitor my blood glucose levels (BGLs)?


A: If you are in your blood glucose target range, most of the time, it means that you will be more likely to feel well! Monitoring your BGLs helps you to make decisions on action to take, or how much insulin you may need.


Q: Why do I need insulin?

A: Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas that unlocks cells to allow it to give you energy. With type 1 diabetes, your pancreas can no longer produce insulin and glucose builds up in your blood stream, leading to high blood glucose levels. With type 1 diabetes you need to inject insulin every day so glucose can get into your cells and give you the energy you need. 

Q: Can I have treats and snacks?

A: Healthy food choices for people with diabetes are the same as healthy choices for all Australians. The key is understanding how these foods might impact on your blood glucose levels. Your parents and your health team can help you work out what foods are good for your growing body, how much you need and the influence on your glucose levels.