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All about my BGLs

When you are living with diabetes it can be challenging to try to balance the things that lower your blood glucose levels (BGLs) like insulin and physical activity, and those that raise BGLs, such as food and having an infection.


You can do this with the help of your parents, your health team, your teachers and friends. Your parents will talk to your teachers and provide them with your Diabetes School Plans. These will help school staff understand your diabetes, knowing how to support you every day or even when you have a hypo and need help. 

Your hypo kit

Your parents can help you put together your hypo kit for school.


Your hypo kit will include things like:

  • a fast acting carbohydrate (e.g. fruit juice, glucose tablets)
  • a slow acting carbohydrate (such as a muesli bar or 2 sweet biscuits)


If you use your hypo kit food or drink, let your parents know so it can be replaced.


Let your teachers know where your hypo kit is kept at school, just in case you need help with treating a hypo. The hypo kit is usually kept with you at all times.

Hypo frequency 


Video: How many hypos do you have in a school week?


Hypo treatment at school 


Video: What happens when you have a hypo at school?

Having diabetes at school 


Video:  Have you had any problems with your diabetes care at school?

Your lunch box


Need help packing your lunch?


Try the Love Your Lunch game


This link opens our Healthy Food Shopping website (external link). 




What about diabetes at school, camp or on sports days?