Community Engagement

Diabetes Yarning Community Workshop 

The Diabetes Yarning workshop is a community based program designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groupsIn the workshop participants are introduced to the Feltman, a diabetes education tool developed by the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health organisation (VACCHO) and Diabetes Victoria. The Feltman is a life-sized felt mat that shows how the body is affected by diabetes. 

The two-hour interactive workshop opens up the conversation about health before time, colonisation and how the body works. The workshop supports people to understand diabetes so that they may take preventative action for themselves and support those in their family and community who may be living with diabetes. 

Diabetes Yarning Workshop for NDSS Registrants 

The Diabetes Yarning workshop for registrants is a community based program designed specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living diabetes and registered with the NDSS. The Feltman tool is also used in these workshops to assist participants to understand diabetes. 

The two-hour interactive workshop opens up the conversation about health before time, colonisation and how the body works. This workshop supports people living with type 2 diabetes to increase their knowledge about diabetes and assist with their diabetes management.  

Support for People Living with Type 2 Diabetes 

If you are living with type 2 diabetes and would like some advice and supportthe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Online Peer Support program is a great online community.   

Hosted in a closed Facebook Group, the program follows the diabetes journey of several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander volunteers on film.  The volunteers share their experience on a wide range of issues, including their diabetes diagnosis, physical activity, healthy eating, family support and more.  The volunteers are also available to yarn with people online.   

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Events 

Diabetes Queensland participates in community events across the state to increase awareness about diabetes and its impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. We share information about  programsservices, resources support the community to engage in healthy living activities. 

Our passionate staff yarn with communities about how diabetes affects the person and their family, and share information to help improve  knowledge and health within community.  

If you would like us to attend an event in your community email us at or call 1800 637 700.

National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) 

Did you know that if you have diabetes and hold a Medicare card you are eligible for benefits through the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)? 

The National Diabetes Services Scheme  has been around for many years and was established to assist people living with all types of diabetes to gain access to education programs and resources and to subsidies on some diabetes products, wherever they are in Australia. 

This registration also allows the NDSS to determine where funds for programs are needed most. The more people that are known to be living with diabetes in an area, means more funding is allocated to that area. 

Your doctor or health worker can support your registration by completing an NDSS registration form 

The NDSS is a Commonwealth Government program administered by Diabetes Queensland in Queensland. For information on the NDSS, talk to your doctor or health worker or visit the website at 

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Feltman® and Feltmum® are registered trademarks of the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation and Diabetes Victoria. 

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