Our Mission

Diabetes Queensland is the peak body for people with diabetes in Queensland, providing a powerful voice for people living with or at risk of diabetes.


We aim to be the most trusted and responsive source of information and support for 33,000 financial members and 200,000 Queenslanders registered with the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS). 


We are committed to improving the lives of all people affected by all types of diabetes and those at risk through advocacy, support and education in partnership with the Queensland community.


Our two goals are to:

  • Improve the health and wellness for people living with all types of diabetes
  • Reduce the incidence of preventable diabetes in the community

Our work cuts across five key focus areas:

Awareness and Advocacy

Diabetes Queensland undertakes ongoing educational campaigns and media activities to raise community awareness as to the seriousness of diabetes and its impact on the lives of Queenslanders. We deliver a number of public education and awareness campaigns to increase community awareness of healthy lifestyle behaviours including benefits, health risks associated with unhealthy behaviours, and how to adopt a healthy

Diabetes Queensland strives to work with all levels of government to advocate for policies and programs that improve the lives of people living with diabetes and those at risk. We play a strong policy development and advocacy role and are a committed to building the evidence base for prevention and informing government about appropriate public and social policy to encourage health promoting behaviour on a population scale.


Connection and Support

Diabetes Queensland is committed to connecting and supporting communities and individuals to better understand, be responsive and have relevance for people with diabetes. Diabetes Queensland delivers a range of support services and where possible, endeavours to link people with diabetes to local support. Key support services include telephone based support and information, web services with specific information and local service referrals, and written materials and education resources.


The organisation is committed to partnering with other organisations to improve its ability to respond to the needs of people with diabetes.

Education and Information

Diabetes Queensland helps people at risk of diabetes and those affected by the condition by providing trusted information and guidance on how to minimize their risk of complications.The organisation is responsible for the delivery of the National Diabetes Service Scheme in Queensland. The scheme provides products and information to approximately 190,000 registered Queenslanders.

We deliver a range of diabetes education and support services to improve knowledge and self management behaviour, including youth camps, peer support programs, group self management programs and specific programs and resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Culturally Diverse groups.


Diabetes Queensland strives to ensure people diagnosed with diabetes receive the best possible care, by providing practical education and support for health practitioners. We deliver a range of health professional training programs for Pharmacy, Primary care, and Aged care.


The organisation runs community based prevention programs in a range of settings, such as Need for Feed, Know the Score and the new Chronic Disease Prevention Program for Rural and Remote Workplaces, to increase community skills to change behaviours and adopt healthy lifestyles

Evidence and Research
Diabetes Queensland is committed to supporting the latest research and building the evidence base to inform new services, programs and policy to better support people with diabetes and those at risk. 

The organisation supports local Queensland research through an annual PHD scholarship and research grant program. It also provides support to the Diabetes Australia Research Trust, with numerous trials currently underway in Queensland to more thoroughly understand and ultimately combat diabetes.

Capacity and Capability
Building the organisation's future sustainability is a key priority for Diabetes Queensland. The organisation is committed to having a strong financial base to ensure the organisation continues to meet the needs of the person with diabetes. Diabetes Queensland relies on the support of its members and the Queensland community to deliver vital services.