Carissa Lilley

Type 1, Gold Coast

Carissa Lilley, 26, loves being part of the diabetes community.

Diagnosed with type 1 when she was 11, Carissa is eager to be involved with Diabetes Queensland in the same way she contributed to Diabetes Tasmania.

“I’m a real peoples person, I love connecting with others” Carissa said after moving to the Gold Coast from Tasmania in April this year.


“I remember my first junior camp; the feelings and realisations of belonging and being understood by fellow diabetics and the care team”.


Carissa has been directed by her awareness of the importance of good health and desire to help others to graduate with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree majoring in Health Promotion.

She is currently working as a Care Manager in the community health/aged care sector, which fulfils her ambition to support vulnerable members of the community.

Carissa is upbeat about her work and her health. “When I was first diagnosed my Dad said ‘play the cards you’re dealt’ and it has become my life motto, especially when my second and third autoimmune conditions were diagnosed (Coeliac and Hashimotos). These conditions live with me, I don’t live with them! It’s ongoing trial and error with lifestyle and exercise, but I love to keep active in all forms.”


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