Arthur Clapp

Type 2 - Townsville

Arthur Clapp, 70, from Townsville worked on the railways for 41 years, for most of that time as a train driver.

Then diabetes cost him 65% of the vision in his left eye, which lost him his job.

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1992. I knew something was wrong but I was shocked. I weighed 120kg. I lost 30kg in six months.

“I was on a diet, and running and swimming. I had to throw away all my clothes. Then I lost the vision in my left eye and my job. I now weigh 76kg.

“The diabetes has affected my lifestyle: I can’t drive at night. I can’t use computers because I can’t see the print. It’s hard to read my favourite paper, the Townsville Bulletin. I have to use a magnifying glass. I’m still a pretty healthy guy.”

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