Diabetes at school

Guidelines for Queensland schools, parents and teachers

There are currently over 2000 school students with type 1 diabetes in Queensland.

For students with type 1 diabetes, daily diabetes management strategies include taking insulin, blood glucose monitoring and counting carbohydrates. It is critical that school staff receive the necessary education and assistance to be able to keep students with diabetes safe at school and support full participation in everything school has to offer.


For comprehensive information about diabetes in the school environment, refer to Students with diabetes – Guidelines for Queensland schools.

Diabetes in Schools program

The national Diabetes in Schools program, funded by the Australian Government through the National Diabetes Service Scheme, has been established to give families and schools the education and support they need to support students living with type 1 diabetes in the school setting.

The program aims to provide nationally consistent information and training for school staff to ensure students with type 1 diabetes can be supported to manage their condition at school.

Please also see our school plans and resources.

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