School plans

Diabetes action and management plans for students with diabetes

The Diabetes Queensland school action and management plans have been developed using current evidence-based, best practice for students living with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes action plans and diabetes management plans allow schools to offer the best support to students living with diabetes. Having up-to-date school plans in place helps ensure school staff are following recommendations from the student’s health team and allows students to feel safe and supported in the school setting.

Using and editing a diabetes plan

The plans are in Word format and information can be edited by an appropriately qualified health professional according to the needs of individual students. For example, generalised symptoms in the action plan can be changed to identify symptoms specific to the student.

Please note that information regarding blood glucose monitoring is in line with the ISPAD guidelines and should only be altered by an appropriately qualified health professional.

School plans contain essential information relevant to each student’s needs. They do not provide general education information about diabetes. Education and training is available to help school staff to understand and use these plans in a school setting.

When diabetes management changes

The student’s individual diabetes action and management plan must be reviewed when their diabetes management changes. At a minimum, it is recommended that the plans are reviewed annually. If there is a change in the staff member assisting the child with their diabetes care, a new plan is required as there is an expectation that the new staff member will receive the appropriate training to follow the school plans.

Plans are signed off by the parents/carers, the appropriately qualified health professional, and the school representative principal or principal’s proxy. Find out more about roles and responsibilities of parents, carers, school staff and health professionals that support students to manage their diabetes in the school environment.

The Diabetes Queensland school action and management plans are informed by essential stakeholder engagement and updated annually to incorporate best-practice updates and new technology.


Type 1 diabetes plans

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Multiple Daily Injections with CGM FGM Plan 2022

Insulin Pump – CGM FGM Plan 2022

Insulin Pump – BGL Plan 2022

Insulin Pump – Hybrid Closed Loop Plan 2022

Twice Daily Injections Plan 2022

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Type 2 diabetes plans

Type 2 Plan 2022


Diabetes Queensland would like to acknowledge that our school plans have been developed in conjunction with Diabetes Victoria, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, and Monash Children’s Hospital, Metro North Community & Oral Health Diabetes Service, The Queensland Children’s Hospital and The State School Registered Nursing Service.

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