Fact Sheets

The NDSS and Diabetes Australia have developed fact sheets covering a variety of topics about diabetes, healthy eating, information for when you are feeling unwell, and for support persons and carers.  


The following fact sheets are available to download in PDF format.


Alcohol and Diabetes

Alternative Sweeteners

Balancing Food, Activity and Insulin

Blood Glucose Monitoring
Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Coeliac Disease and Diabetes

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Depression and Diabetes

Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Less Weight, Healthier Shape: A Guide for Men

Less Weight, Healthier Shape: A Guide for Women

Eating Out and Diabetes

Food Choices for People with Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

Glycemic Index 

Healthy Eating Guide

Healthy Eating for Gestational Diabetes
Healthy Hints for Modifying Recipes
Healthy Snacks and Diabetes
Heart Disease and Diabetes

Hospital Stay, Day Surgery and Procedures
Hypoglycaemia and diabetes

Information about Sugar

Information for support person: What is diabetes?

Information for support person: What is hypoglycaemia

Information for support person: Physical activity

Insulin and Diabetes

Illicit Drug Use and Diabetes
Medications for Type 2 Diabetes
Oral Health

Physical Activity

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Reading Food Labels
Sexual Health and Diabetes

Sick Days and Type 1 Diabetes
Sick Days and Type 2 Diabetes
Smoking, Pre-diabetes and Diabetes

Staying Well with Diabetes

Steroids and Diabetes
Stress and Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes in Children & Adolescents
Travel and Diabetes

Travel Check list

What is diabetes?


These Diabetes Information Sheets can also be accessed via the NDSS website.