Transitioning to adult care

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Moving from child to adult diabetes care

Many young people living with type 1 diabetes find adolescence challenging. It’s the time when they start to manage their diabetes independently of their parents or guardians.

It’s the time when they move from child to adult diabetes clinics. This move generally begins at fifteen. For some people it is a smooth transition between their paediatric specialist team to the more independent experience with their new healthcare professional. However, others may experience a few challenges during this period.

The transition can often leave the young person feeling lost, confused and alone. This can stem from the care they receive feeling less personal and supportive compared with their childhood diabetes specialist. This can lead to the young person “dropping out” of the healthcare system. When this happens they manage their diabetes independently of medical professionals. This could then put them at risk of developing complications from their type 1 diabetes.

Moving On Up resource

Moving On Up is a resource designed specifically for young people with type 1 diabetes and their parents or guardians, about the transition from paediatric to adult health care services.

Focusing on the challenges and opportunities that young people face as they become young adults this booklet covers how they can live well with their diabetes through this time, the responsibilities they have for their own diabetes care and the support they can expect to receive.

More information, support and resources for young people can be found on the NDSS website.

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