Exams, sport days and school camps

Information for children and teens with diabetes

When you have diabetes, you might have to do things a bit differently at school.

Exams and tests

When living with diabetes, there are a few extra things to consider before tests and exams. You may need a bit more time to prepare for an exam on the day to make sure you have everything you need. Being prepared is the key!

Before an exam, remind your teacher you may need to access your hypo kit, which may include your mobile phone, and the bathrooms during the exam time.

Sport days

When a person living with diabetes plays sport their BGLs may go up or down depending on the type of physical activity. This can happen during the physical activity, right after or, in some cases, hours later. You may need to have additional carbohydrate foods before, during or after physical activity to keep your BGLs within a healthy range and to avoid a hypo.

While physical activity generally lowers your blood glucose levels, sometimes it can raise them. This can happen if you are playing really active sport or if you feel excited or stressed about the competition.

The best way to know what your BGLs are doing is to check them regularly e.g. before, during and after physical activity. Refer to this guide to learn the healthy BGL range for physical activity.

Your diabetes management plan for school provides details on special precautions for sports and physical activity.

More information about being safe before, during and after physical activity.

School camps

School camps are fun! Preparation is the key. Look at our camp checklist!

Your parents will talk to your school so that you can participate in the camp program and have the support that you may need on camp.

Download the Camp Checklist

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