World Diabetes Day 2013

This World Diabetes Day, Diabetes Queensland is shining a light on the myths surrounding type 1 diabetes.


We want to encourage people to learn more and talk more about this condition affecting Queenslanders.


This is why we have launched the 'There are many types of diabetes - This is 1', a campaign designed to help dispel some of the myths about type 1 diabetes.  


While we have focussed on two of the most prevalent myths about type 1 diabetes, there are many, many more.


Myth 1: You get type 1 diabetes from eating too much sugar

Truth: Type 1 doesn't come from a can. You don't get type 1 diabetes from too many sugary drinks. It isn't preventable and there is no cure.


Download the poster here. (Once the image is open right click to save it to your desk top.)


Download the Facecard here.


Myth 2: Only babies and young children get type 1 diabetes

Truth: Type 1 isn't just for kids. Once you have type 1 diabetes, it's for life. It can occur at any age but most often it's diagnosed in children and young adults.


Download the poster here.


Download the Facecard here.


How you can support the campaign:


  1. Spread the word:  Encourage everyone you know to start a conversation about type 1 diabetes.
  2. Social media shares: We've created 'This is 1' facecards for you to send out to all your networks across Facebook, and an image to share on Twitter. Visit our Facebook page to find out more.


If you would like copies of the posters, please call 1300 136 588 or visit


World Diabetes Day is a United Nations World Health Day initiative bringing together millions of people from more than 160 countries to raise diabetes awareness. It also marks the birthday of Frederick Banting, who, along with Charles Best, is credited with the discovery of insulin in 1921. 

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