Managing diabetes

Managing diabetes

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Do you have type 1 diabetes or know someone who does? Find out  the latest news and research, inspiring stories and experiences, and details about upcoming events and programs. 


News & Research

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Stories & Experiences

Jason Paull of Frenchville, just north of Rockhampton, was recently awarded the Adult Achiever of the Year in the second annual Sweet Talk Awards -  the national awards program celebrating the successes and accomplishments of everyday Australians affected by diabetes.

Jason was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2002 when he was 16 years old and instead of seeing it as an obstacle in his life, he sees an opportunity to be a stronger, healthier and more inspirational person. Jason is an endurance athlete and has completed multiple marathons and triathlons and now focuses on cycling. 

In addition to managing his own diabetes, Jason spends time each year at a local diabetes youth camp, where he speaks to children of his experiences managing diabetes and being an athlete, and about living a positive life.