Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Diabetes - What Now? Facilitator training

The 'Diabetes - What now?' program is a self - management workshop for people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or those that may have missed diabetes education in the past.


The 4 hour program is delivered by a Diabetes Educator and a Dietitian (if available).


The sessions provide information on:


What is diabetes

Blood glucose monitoring

Setting your own health goals

Healthy eating

Physical activity

Diabetes medications and insulin

Diabetes health care team

Annual cycle of care


Diabetes - What Now? Facilitator Package  for Diabetes Educators and Dietitians. 


Diabetes Queensland provides a Facilitator Package for metropolitan and regional health professionals to roll-out the delivery of the Diabetes - What Now? program on an ongoing basis.  The Facilitator Package includes facilitator training, assessment, program collateral, and promotional and health professional support, free of charge.  


For further information download the Diabetes- What Now? overview  or contact our health team on 1300 136 588.